Hi, I'm Abbie, I'm 18 and I can't wait to go to college. I am utterly obsessed with ducks. I have a guinea pig, Gregory and a dog, Goombah. And one betta fish, Peter. I love my life for the most part except when my parents give me a hard time. I post a pretty random selection of things. If you want to know more, just send a message my way!


I stayed home from school today because I wasn’t feeling the best this morning and I just needed more sleep.. 

I knew I was gonna stay home so I did some of my homework the night before and left the rest for today.

I did nothing today.

Well I did my Latin.. But I still have Business Law, but that’s due next week. So It’s all good..

AND I let Gregory out to play, but he started eating my notebooks and stuff.. 

Oh and I have a History test tomorrow.. I better try to study the notes I don’t have.. 

Well, I’m gonna do that and read some chapters in Lord of the Flies then shower and get ready for tomorrow..

OHOHOHOH And I mailed Mark’s little package today. It cost a whole 2 dollars to send it.. I didn’t think it weighed that much.. 

Well I’ll be done rambling. BYE.

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2 years ago