Hi, I'm Abbie, I'm 18 and I can't wait to go to college. I am utterly obsessed with ducks. I have a guinea pig, Gregory and a dog, Goombah. And one betta fish, Peter. I love my life for the most part except when my parents give me a hard time. I post a pretty random selection of things. If you want to know more, just send a message my way!

I appreciate it.

I appreciate everything you do for me.

I appreciate the things you’ve bought and the things you’ve said.

I appreciate everything.

I’m thankful you’re in my life, Mark Anthony. I don’t know what I’d do without you. Without you, I wouldn’t have:

  • Peter
  • Gavin
  • The other teddy bear you got me
  • Xbox live, even though I barely use it
  • My beautiful birthday flowers
  • A passing grade in Math
  • Prom pictures

And those are just a few of the items I’m so thankful to have because of you

Some other things I appreciate are:

  • How you want to someday have a family with me
  • And want to have me sleepover with you in your dorm
  • How you want to help me with my homework
  • How you take me to a million different places and not get too upset when I spend all of your money

I know that isn’t a lot, but that’s just what I could think of within the last twenty minutes or so. 

I just want to show you that I do appreciate everything you’ve ever done for me in the past and will do in the future.

Thank you, hunny. I love you. <3 (:

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2 years ago